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Play as Saito Kojima a technological genius as you activate and control your defence robots to keep your manor safe. Choose your fight and hone your defence skills as you face the zombie threat. You control the robots from inside the manor as you eliminate threats, hunt down zombies in the maze, face the endless hordes as they move towards the main entrances, fight off groups of zombies attacking from the sides and protect your last remaining source of food… the carrot patch.

Choose between the six maps as you improve your skills controlling the defence robots you created to protect you. Send out robots to fight for you and complete the objectives from protecting carrots to fighting an endless horde in hopes to thin out their numbers. As endless amounts of zombies fill the gaps left after a mission so you can repeat them all honing your skills as you go. Use the ammo and repair points you set up so you can keep going until your defence, and score, are perfected.


Diverse Gamemodes.

Limitless Gameplay.

Score Saving and Tracking.





W - Move Up
A - Move Left
S - Move Down
D - Move Right
Cursor - Aim
Mouse 1 - Fire

Install instructions

Unzip "ManorDefenseBeta.zip" to any location and run by double clicking beta.exe


ManorDefenseBeta.zip 22 MB

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